Private Yoga

Private Yoga – What are the benefits?

Have you ever been in a yoga class and are just not sure if you are doing the pose “correctly”?  Sometimes in a group class it may be hard to tell just how your body “should” feel or look in a pose.  In yoga we are putting our bodies in some unusual positions and many times positions we may have never been in before.   There are lots of factors that can affect a yoga pose.  Watching the instructor or the person next to you doing a pose may not be the best way to fit the yoga pose to your body.

During a private yoga session, the instructor can help you understand the mechanics of each pose and conform the pose to fit your body type, skill level and goals.  This one on one attention can help you gain greater confidence in your abilities and just may help improve your flexibility.   With all the instructor’s attention on you, you are sure to get just what you need out of the session, whether that is relaxation, knowledge, flexibility or strength.

Private yoga sessions do not need to replace group classes. The idea is help you return to the group class with knowledge and confidence. After a couple private yoga sessions, you find that when you return to the group class you may find more growth and enjoyment in your yoga practice.

Hippie Yoga wants you to have the best yoga experience and help guide you along your yoga journey. We are so excited to now be able to offer you private yoga sessions with many of our amazing yoga teachers.  Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about what to expect in a private session or how schedule a session with an instructor.

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