New Donation Class

Hippie Yoga is honored to have another monthly donation class starting January 25th.  Trauma Sensitive Yoga 4 Unity with Maria. Here is a little bit about this class and why Maria is teaching it.       
What is it?
TSY4U is a dharana- and dhyana-based yoga practice designed to integrate the body, mind, spirit connection through breathwork, guided meditation, restorative and short flow sequences.  It is a contemplative class with a focus on breath, mindfulness, intention, purposeful action, and choice.  A typical class begins with restorative, breathwork, strengthening core, and an expansive warm up.  Short flow sequences are designed to facilitate emotional regulation for home practice. Seated practices encourage fluidity and flexibility with a guided meditation and a closing Breath of Joy practice with affirmations.  
  Why I teach it?
 Since I began 12 Step Yoga 4 Unity for those in addiction recovery three years ago, I kept getting requests for a yoga class that utilized the slower pace, focused attention on sensation, and emotional regulation but without the recovery component.  As a mental health clinician, and trauma professional, I decided to create a class that anyone could experience and use the practices in the class at home for daily use.  I want to bring the experience of the healing properties of yoga as a support system for those who feel they need a safe space to explore their senses and help their body-brain connection integrate anxiety, depression, grief and traumatic imprints.   Two important components of the practice are empowerment and community. Empowerment is the feeling of being in control of your mind and body creating movement that offers an opportunity to experience resiliency in action with focused intention and successful outcome of a purposeful action. Community is the feeling of being in relation to others experiencing safety and boundaries without actual interaction yet energetically experiencing positivity of a mutual reciprocity of the environment. When we experience PTSD, trauma, ADHD, anxiety, depression, grief and the like, we feel disconnected with ourselves, others and our world. Using a yogic practice to safely work with ourselves on a mat in a space shared with others,  without judgment, and free to find our own autonomy, we experience connection and joy, a sense of belonging. 
    Who is it for?
TSY4U is for any yogi practitioner who would like to deepen their practice of yoga beyond the asanas.  It can be used as an additional support system for those who struggle with the challenges of a mood disorder or for those who would like to reduce stress, broaden their yoga practice, or would like more experience with mindfulness and intention.    
Join Maria every 4th Saturday, Starting January 25th at 4 pm for this wonderful class!

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