Monica’s Story

Teacher Spotlight – Monica
Monica teaches Vinyasa tonight at 7 pm

Monica’s love for yoga was one that didn’t hit her abruptly or arrive in a spectacular way. It was a steady growing love that turned into a life passion. As college was coming to a close, she was looking for something to physically challenge her body in a new way. Growing up in a competitive and very active family with four siblings, she was used to playing sports year round. So yoga was, at first, a new way to challenge herself without the need to compete with anyone. Monica began attending classes at a local studio and fell in love with the philosophy taught in correlation to the physical practice. Yoga became a place to slow down, to look within and to find the truest version of herself that she was. It truly connected the mind, body and soul. It was this transition from the physical practice to the mental practice and the benefits that came with it that made Monica want to share yoga with everyone she could.
After completing teacher trainings and beginning to teach yoga, Monica continues to fall more in love with the capabilities of the human body. This admiration for the body has increased even more after having two babies via C-sections, exploring postpartum yoga practices and pelvic floor health. Monica’s classes will bring an approachable challenge to the students while maintaining a supportive and uplifting energy to practice, learn and maybe even laugh!

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