Linda’s Story

Linda’s Story 
Linda began her yoga journey when a friend suggested it would be a great compliment to the circuit training she was doing at the time. Linda became enamoured with the mind-body-spirit connection, and decided to enroll in yoga teacher training to deepen her understanding of yoga teaching and philosophy.  Linda brings her background as an instructional coach into her yoga teaching, guiding students from where they are to where they’d like to be. She especially enjoys teaching beginners, and strives to empower all of her students to find their own yoga for their bodies.

Linda had a very rewarding career as a public school educator. She taught various grades of elementary school, as well as music and media center (library and computers). She also worked as a trainer and instructional coach. After earning a PhD in Educational Leadership from Oakland University, the latter part of Linda’s career was devoted to the needs of at-risk students through state and federal grants–and yoga really helped to deal with the stress of those challenges! Now that she is retired, Linda is enjoying the opportunity to not only do more yoga, but spend more time doing something else she loves: cooking! A self-proclaimed foodie, she calls Food Network “my ESPN!” While she hasn’t been able to get her husband into yoga (yet!) Linda’s dogs will often join her on her mat. Linda and her husband have adopted two dogs through rescue, and she has supported adoptions of other dogs by doing home visits for a rescue group.

It was through yoga that Linda was introduced to essential oils, and she soon began to incorporate them into all aspects of her life. She recently became certified in AromaTouch technique. AromaTouch technique involves the application of high-quality essential oils to the back and the feet to create a feeling of overall wellness. The eight oils used in the technique are selected for their properties such as calming, relaxing, and cleansing. Results of a recent study suggest AromaTouch technique is a great way to reduce feelings of stress and promote relaxation. In addition to private lessons, Linda also offers Aroma Yoga as an add-on. She will consult with you prior to the session and select oil(s) to meet your needs, and give you a small sample of the oil used in your session.

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