Jessica’s Story

Jessica is our Kundalini Yoga Teacher.  Here is what she has to say about herself.

My first love was dance.  Dancing uplifted my spirit, calmed my nerves and filled me with happiness.  Yogi Bhajan has spoken on the many benefits of dancing.  Even though he is responsible for bringing Kundalini Yoga to the United States he spoke very highly of the importance of dancing everyday.

When I began my college life it was hard to stay committed to being a dancer unless you were a dance instructor or a professional.  In the fall of 2002 I attended my first Kundalini Yoga class.  It was unlike any of my other experiences with yoga.  It pulled me out of sadness, made me stronger than ever before and filled me with a familiar passion that dance had.  I remained a student of Kundalini Yoga for another 7 years.

During this time I graduated college with a BA in Art, Education and Environmental Studies.  I also got married and started a family.  I had two beautiful boys. When my oldest son was about 3 I became a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher.   After my second son was born we decided to move back home to Michigan.

A couple years ago I began My next chapter of life, to go from being a primarily stay at home mom to a professional.  I am currently working on my Masters in Art Therapy (ATR) and my Masters in Kundalini Yoga (500hr).  My goal is to bring uplifting experiences in Art, Yoga and Dance to clients who are feeling the pressures of life.  I want to help them remember the joy that is to be found in intuition and awareness through creativity, movement and meditation.

Over the years I have taught infants, preschoolers, school aged children, adults, prenatal and senior yoga classes. I am uncertain what population I like best because they are all so wonderful and unique to work with. I hope to see you in class, Thursdays at 9:00am!

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