Ivy’s Story

Ivy first began her yoga journey in 2010 during her second pregnancy. After having a somewhat difficult first pregnancy. Ivy was looking for a way to maintain some gentle physical activity during her second pregnancy. Her OB/GYN recommended she try yoga. Ivy left her appointment that day, went straight to purchase her first ever yoga DVD. She began practicing daily. Not only for the physical activity, but as a young mother of a toddler, with a second baby on the way it gave her some much needed self-time. This self-care time is what truly grew Ivy’s love of yoga. Yoga at first started as a means of physical activity, but the high demands of motherhood, left little time for self-care. Even just finding fifteen minutes a day to practice. Was extremely beneficial for her mental health, and helped her better manage the stressors of motherhood. After the birth of her second daughter, she continued to grow in her yoga practice maintaining a steady at home practice. While caring for her two young daughters, and continuing to practice throughout her third pregnancy. After the birth of her son. Ivy finally stepped foot into her first studio yoga class at Hippie Yoga. She began an active studio practice at Hippie Yoga. Ivy started to become the friend who constantly spoke of yoga and all its benefits. Her need to share her love of yoga eventually led to her pursuing a Yoga Teacher Training course at Hippie Yoga. Now a yoga teacher herself. Ivy has taught a variety of different styles of yoga. From Slow Flow, Yin, gentle, Basic, healthy back, restorative, to kid yoga.  She continues to also be a student of Yoga, wanting to learn and grow in her practice, while actively sharing yoga. Ivy puts an emphasis on self-care in her yoga classes. Using meditation and breath work paired with psychical movement as tools for combating everyday stressors. Learning how to manage ourselves, among our full calendars, constant texts, emails, and social media on our phones. The immediate connection, access at our finger tips to the outside world. Self-care practices have become even more paramount. Learning how to care for yourselves can create ripple effect of positivity for our minds and bodies. That can have positive effects in all aspects of our lives. Ivy looks forward to you practicing with her, and enjoying the light and love of yoga.

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