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Teacher Spotlight 

Anne has been part of the Hippie family since we opened in 2014.    If you have not had a chance to meet her please check out her class on Sunday mornings.

 Anne’s Story 
I started my yoga journey to help myself with pain management due to injuries I obtained while working as a Detroit police officer.  The benefits evolved to helping with my mental health as I had a continuing battle fighting through medical treatment and workers compensation.   I started to find myself and put my life priorities together.  I ended up retiring from the Detroit Police Department, but I still wanted to help people.
I attended my yoga teachers training in 2012 and became a certified yoga teacher later that year.  I’ve taught many styles of yoga such as Ashtanga, slow flow, prenatal, beginners,  vinyasa, and yin to name a few.
I like to bring in an acceptance of oneself to my teachings and encourage my students to live in the present moment.  My classes are lighthearted and laid back to allow anyone from a beginner student to a seasoned practitioner to feel like they belong and that the class they are attending is just for them.
I’ve been with Hippie Yoga since hippie opened its doors.  Finding out days before the studio opened that I was expecting my first child at the age of 40!  I’ve had another child at 43 and am currently expecting my third “Hippie baby” at the age off 44!
Having children wasn’t always easy.  I suffered through a lot of loss and heartache.  Went to the best doctors to try and help me have a child.  Living my yoga helped me get through the hard times. Finding my way through lifestyle changes I was able to get pregnant naturally!   I have a great understanding of how it feels to go through infertility.   Unless you’ve been through it, it’s hard to understand.  If you would like to explore how yoga can help you and your fertility come and see me in Hippie Yoga Wellness center so we together can do yoga towards your goals.

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